Flamingoes Fly Stateside

I can finally announce that my animation, Flamingo Parade (2010), has been selected for the 6th Annual PIXEL POPS! exhibit, Urban Realities in Newark, New Jersey, USA. As part of the 35 selected short films, Flamingo Parade - which animates the elements of the original repeat pattern that was produced in 2009 while I was living in New York - will be screened every Wednesday throughout the month of October in several locations around the New York metropolitan area and will be projected like digital billboards onto the urban landscape to be made accessible to a wider audience and incite interaction with incidental viewers from the respective local communities
Starting on Wednesday the 6th October at 7pm, the schedule below details the neighbourhood areas with precise locations being released between 24-48 hours in advance of each screening:

October 6th - Newark, New Jersey

October 13th - Williamsburg, New York

October 20th - Bushwick, New York

October 27th - Jersey City, New Jersey

This is a great opportunity to see my inspiration from my time at the Community Garden at West 104th Street in Manhattan back in 2009, realised within these public spaces beyond the Manhattan Valley. For the new visitors to my blog click here to learn more about my work with Space All Over at WinterSpace and the artist-community initiative, A Lot of Possibilities, curated by Anna Lise Jensen, who is working towards integrating contemporary art within the context of these green sites around Manhattan. For those of you who are not stateside, below is a sample of Flamingo Parade - make sure to visit jonathanvelardi.blogspot.com for more details and updates about the scheduled screenings and visit PIXEL POPS! for information about this annual event as well as a statement from curators, Jeanne Brasile and Hiroshi Kumagai.