These aren't just any alphabet cards. These alphabet cards are by Pop-Art legend Peter Blake and they are a-mazing. An Alphabet by Peter Blake comes in a box set of 26 postcards derived from his 2008 portfolio of silkscreen prints and are available at my new favourite retail-stop Other Criteria. Destined to be the new educational tools by yuppy parents for their toddlers racing around Hoxton Square on their wooden PedoBikes, I can see these selling out fast. Can anyone spell I - want - one?


Something About Nowhere

Here are a few detail images of my day working on my installation for The Middle of Nowhere. There was something about the exposed brick wall that was so 80s - digital graffiti anyone? Get down on it...


The Middle of Nowhere

I've been working on a group exhibition that opens next week in Southall, London - The Middle of Nowhere: Objects and Actions in the Abyss, in association with Departure Gallery, a platform that reclaims urban spaces for contemporary art. I will be exhibiting new work with a mixed media installation and once the show launches I will be posting documentation of the artwork on display in this unique and interesting space.
The Middle of Nowhere runs from 6th-10th March at 6 Trident Way, International Trading Estate, London UB2 5LF with an opening reception on 5th March from 6.30-9.30pm - visit Departure Gallery for further details about the space and participating artists.


Lights, Camera, British

Congratulations to Fish Tank, for winning a BAFTA yesterday night for Outstanding British Film. Having reported on it last year, the film captured a state of mind of British life by filling a void of sincerity that is not always found in other generic 'council estate drama' films. With director, Andrea Arnold's particularly British acceptance speech, wrapping up with a "God Save The Queen", I look forward to seeing her future work and her British sensibility that only the British know how to do with gusto.


Very Tokyo

I have to share this cool postcard I received today from my friend Misato - it's a fresh take on the par avion red and blue stripes found on postal mail and I'm told it's "very Tokyo". One day I will see it with my own eyes, but until then I need to find an equally cool postcard to reply with. Have a great weekend everyone!


Yellow Pages

Right. It's been more than a week since my last post and I promise there's a valid reason - I'm involved in a group exhibition opening in March - more on this next week - and this has resulted in being in a computer-coma for the past two weeks. But I'm back and I really want to share Ana and Renée's domination as The Ladies of the Press* at Testing Grounds last weekend at South Street, Reading. The night was as eclectic as it was electric (the mobile press desk has to run somehow) and I was made an honorary Gentleman of the Press*, being put to work on fringing the incredible Live Press publication, that featured interviews and extracts with all the artists involved on the night. The edition took a grid framework with a special insert of a page from the yellow pages, thanks to the eccentric performance from Theodor Di Ricco, who lives, works and wears exclusively yellow. My contribution was a pair of doodle-inspired 'skins' which added decorative insertions to the three hours of pure performative publication.
It was a spectacle to watch these pages come alive and I encourage anyone to visit a Ladies of the Press* event - this may be made easier now that they are officially on tour and will be gracing their press-panache across the UK as well as Europe in the coming months. Visit their blog for dates and further information.
Thank you Ladies for a fantastic day! Here a some of their photos of the press desk in action...


Reading Test

This Saturday I'll be joining publication princesses, The Ladies of the Press* at Testing Grounds in South Street, Reading, Berkshire. I have known artists/curators/editors, and more importantly friends, Ana Čavić and Renée O’Drobinak from our days at The Slade and since their first publication with Cluster Arts Magazine, they have accomplished so much and they have been recently awarded with a residency at Concurrent this coming April to continue their practice of performative publications, creating a collaborative explosion of live art on every page of their editorial editions. Testing Grounds host series of experimental live art and music events concentrated in the South East of England, inviting audiences from different disciplines to create, discuss, perform and socialize.
The event on Saturday 13th February is free and runs from 6pm - for further information visit Testing Grounds or South Street for directions.


The Simpsons Go To The Bowl

Six-million dollars buys you the world's most recognisable brand to be paired up with the world's most famous family during a Super Bowl time out. Coca-Cola's "Hard Times" advertisement featured The Simpsons during yesterday's Super Bowl XLIV - times may be hard for Mr. Burns and if you have six-million dollars then Coke's doing alright, but the real winners are the New Orleans Saints... bring on the Good Times!


Euro Trip

This week Barcelona plays host to The Influencers at the Centre of Contemporary Culture. In its sixth year, a series of events incorporating art, guerilla communication and radical entertainment, explore the potential of non conventional communication in contemporary society. This year the festival focuses on themes such as consumerism with a three-day workshop on bicycle customisation. For more information about the workshops and screenings visit The Influencers website.
Wall Drawing #546 and Wall Drawing #386
While in Milan, head to Massimo De Carlo to view the monochrome-monopolisation, Sol Lewitt Presented By Rudolf Stingel. Five wall drawings fill the space of this impressive Milanese commercial gallery which is due to grace the British Isles with a permanent space on Dover Street, London later this year. So for now, if you can't make it over to Milan before March, click here to visit a special dedication to 'Team Sol Lewitt' installing the show. Incredibile!