Frank Sinatra knew what he was talking about, "... A foggy day in London town, It had me low, And it had me down. I viewed the morning, With such alarm... "
I'm back in miserably grey England keeping my head firmly buried in my work to keep the creative juices flowing. Anyone from England knows exactly what I'm talking about. Why can't everyday be like this? Let's hope this Pantone forecast allows everyday to be a Mimosa day.


Le Mur Végétal

Patrick Blanc = amazing. The Parisian Botanist has radicalized the concept of garden design by inventing Le Mur Végétal (Vertical Garden). What the 104th St. Garden lacks is height as apartment blocks tower above it from either side. I hope to incorporate a sense of vertical dimension as well as introducing evergreen plants for an all-season permanence to the garden.

High Maintenance Similarities

Clockwise from Top Left: Château de Villandry (France), Frederiksborg Castle (Denmark), Washington Old Hall (United Kingdom) and Château de Versailles (France).