My video 'Fortune Teller' is currently being exhibited in the group show, Bloodsport: The Illusion Of Abstract Gambling in Hydra, Greece. Curated by Dimitrios Antonitsis and presented at Hydra School Projects - the show runs from the 16th June to the 4th October - click here for more info. More images coming soon.

Follow the Line

The late Sol LeWitt has always been an artist I have admired with his obsessive practice and execution of abstract form, colour and lines in the shape of his dynamic wall drawings. I seem to be following these lines wherever I go - causing no harm to my stripe fascination - having had the chance to see one of his last installations he designed himself before he passed away at the incredible retrospective at Mass MoCA, North Adams, USA, at the beginning of the year, I was recently immersed in room 15 at La Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna in Spoleto, Italy, with colour and stripes again. LeWitt spent time in this culture-rich city in the auspices of Italian art historian and collector, Giovanni Carandente, who passed away the day I arrived. The Museum itself is housed in the noble Palazzo Collica and was the vision of Carandente in the eighties. His collection spans Modernist movements in Italy and the rest of world, donated to Spoleto, as well as large-scale commissions from Calder for the city centre. LeWitt's installation proudly caresses the walls of its formal surrounding, paying tribute to the friendship between the artist and the collector.