Cracks & Cristal

Today is the opening of PROP at Departure Gallery in Southall, London. With the Private View this coming Friday, I thought I'd give you all a preview of my new work which is on display in this amazing warehouse space. Possibly my most ambitious self-initiated installation to date, my practice has taken on new directions in recent months and I'm very excited to take on new projects in a similar vein as this three piece mixed-media installation, CRACK.
CRACK, 2010 - MDF & Sparklene 1000x800x25mm
The crack lines in the sculptural plaque are mirrored to scale on the floor which spans an area of 12x13 metres and creates an interesting dialogue between art and architecture that produces a surprisingly intimate environment within the grand scale of the warehouse.
CRACK, 2010 - Black tape approx. 125m, 12x13m
Taking on a new approach with my three-dimensional works, Cristal Clear continues my interest in celebrating the everyday fused with the aspirations of urban culture.
A play on words, a White Spirit bottle wrapped in yellow plastic wrapping alludes to the exclusive Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne that has grown to capture the essence of 'black spirit' and is the product of choice that has created a celebrity following from the super rich to music moguls around the world.
Cristal Clear, 2010 - 2 litres White Spirit & mixed media
PROP is open by appointment from the 13th September - 23rd October 2010 with the Private View on Friday the 17th September 6-9.30pm. Visit Departure Gallery for details on making an appointment and information about the free taxi service from Southall Station to the gallery this Friday night. Hope to see you all there!