Peel Slowly & Use

Keith Haring
Launching with its second issue at the beginning of this year’s international Fashion Weeks, Garage Magazine proves it's much more than high art, high fashion and high life. Dedicated to Sex & Relationships, Issue No. 2 has a lot riding on it – we all remember the release of Issue No. 1 last year with its intimate Damien Hirst installation & interactive cover (Peel Slowly & SeeAugust 2011) – but what with the continuing debates during the American presidential election and current state of affairs in England over gay marriage, the issue that also looks at internet dating and fertilisation technology is very much on the political pulse, and if the content doesn’t get your pulse racing then the issue’s artist-designed condoms may very well get you in the mood. Mat Collishaw, Keith Haring, Sue Webster and Tim Noble have all contributed their own conceptual take on the condom wrappers, which can be found in every new issue of the magazine and proves that no surface is safe from high art. 
 Mat Collishaw
 Sue Webster
Tim Noble
Garage No. 2 Magazine is out now at newsstands.