Christmas Wish

I first came across Partners & Spade in 2009 when I was living in New York - their East Village advertising studio is a fantastic space which curates a rolling exhibition of art and design - I was lucky to catch their celebrated collection of Lehman Brothers paraphernalia (Investment Of Taste, September 2010) in the wake of the insolvent firm. 
This week I received a brilliant email from the studio which I have to share with you all - while the streets of the world's financial capitals may be occupied with strikes and capitalist contempt, it is not to say that everyone's aspirational tendencies won't be making an appearance during the festive season. Partners & Spade make sure everyone get's their Christmas wish this year with their humorous It's The Thought That Counts initiative...
Visit Partners & Spade to view a selection of their over-priced products in their Storefront as well as information about their Studio services.

Partners & Spade
40 Great Jones
New York