You've Been Krinked

Grafitti artist Craig "KR" Costello is leaving his mark this month at creative locale, The Base, in Taipei Taiwan. With his signature drip aesthetic created from his very own 'Krink' products, Taipei makes an appropriate location to engage in an unfamiliar arena even though the domination of communication and internet have made what were once distant cities, familiar surroundings. Using the urban landscape as his canvas, KR has krinked a Taiwanese Betel nut stand (below) and the facade of the Hotel Flowers Taipei (above) to complement his body of work at The Base - click here to check out KR in action with one of his trademark canvases. There's something about the drips that make me want to see a bigger picture through the myriad of the metropolis and follow the source of the drips - a journey that I think would not be so familiar at all.
KRINK runs at The Base, 台北市漢口街1段36號 B1 until 27th June 2010.

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