Holy Crap

Art 41 Basel opens today with nearly three-hundred leading galleries from across the Modern and contemporary art world all claiming a stake in the idyllic and culturally rich Swiss town. I'm particularly interested in this year's New Jerseyy offering of new works by American artist Rob Pruitt. Gaining prominence as a collaborative partnership under the moniker Pruitt-Early in the early nineties, Pruitt has continued to exhibit solo throughout America with rare sightings of his work across the atlantic. Church signs are the main inspiration for the exhibition at this year's Art Basel, Holy Crap, as well as a DJ mixing Bible tracks and selected items from the artist's collection of Panda memorabilia which has featured heavily in his previous works.
If you want to join the pilgrimage click here for more information about New Jerseyy at H√ľningerstrasse 18, CH-4056 and other events at Art 41 Basel.