La Fin

This is the seventh and final post in conjunction with INTRODUCING's latest e-zine offering, Hypothetically. I'd like to thank everyone for visiting my blog and I hope you've enjoyed a different take on the themes from Issue X. A special thank you must go to guest editor Nicola McCartney for giving me the go ahead for this idea and allowing the blog to play a live and performative role in the issue... as well as possessing an unexpectedly strong French vein which I only just realise now and I hope I haven't deterred too many Anglophiles away! Please continue to view the works of Tory Smith, Gianni Notarianni, Jospeh Tovey-Frost, Ben Rogers, Catrina Stewart and Heather Bignell for Hypothetically.

For more information about any of the contributors visit INTRODUCING here and for all the new visitors from this week, I hope to see you again at jonathanvelardi.blogspot.com - next week I'll be reporting from delightful Devon. Until then mes amis...