Merry München

With an invitation of all-you-can-eat biere und breseln, as well as catching up with my good friends Gabriela and Michael, I could not resist spending last weekend in the capital of Bavaria, München to get me into the festive spirit. In contrast to my visit to Berlin earlier in the year (Berlin Kultur, April 2011), south Germany is all about tradition and if the city's annual Oktoberfest is any indication, Bavarians know how to party for any occasion, Christmas being no different. Between the Christkindlmarkts, glühwein, schweinebraten and baroque architecture around every snow-covered straße, I had a great time taking in the sights and sounds of this historic city known for it's snobbiness... and humour with these Euro-name-and-shame flag posts that adorned all four corners of Konigsplatz.  
Germany laughs at the expense of poor Italy and Greece? I hear you ask - unfortunately the national flags indicate the respective museum collections at the Glyptothek and Antikensammlungen - and there I was thinking Germans had a sense of humour after all! 
Here are some images from Merry München...
Theatine Church - Theatinekirche
 Munich Palace - Münchner Residenz
Egon Schiele at Lenbachhaus Kunstbau
BMW Welt
 Christkindlmarkt at Wittelsbacker Platz
 Museum Brandhorst
 The Englischer Garten