Making The Invisible Visible

This week will mark International Human Rights Day on 10th December. With the turbulent events that are currently making headline news across the Arab states, this annual event encourages a letter writing marathon to demand that the rights of individuals are respected around the world in the hope of making real changes to people who suffer human rights abuses in their daily lives. In conjunction with International Human Rights Day Amnesty International has collaborated with German street art collective Mentalgassi and advertising agency Weiden+Kennedy to highlight several cases from this year's marathon in a public art campaign, Making the Invisible Visible. A series of portraits of individuals whose human rights have been denied or abused have been created into lenticular installations that have been postered onto urban surfaces in six European cities to produce a simple yet effective campaign-in-motion as passersby engage with the images from specific angles. 
Check out this brilliant video campaign from Amnesty International shot in London and look out for the installations in your neighbourhood...

Visit Amnesty International for more information about this project and details on what you can do for International Human Rights Day this year.