Send My Love To Everyone In Japan

Bigger Stronger for Japan, 2011
I am honoured to be involved with tonight's Charity Arts Fundraiser for victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Not only are many of my dear friend Japanese, I visited the Land of the Rising Sun at the beginning of the year - while I celebrated with friends and family the prospects for 2011 nothing could have prepared us for what nature had planned on the 11th March. "Send My Love to Everyone in Japan" is a way for my immediate network of artists to contribute to the relief effort from afar and send our thoughts to friends and family who are in Japan. I will be joining my good friends The Ladies of the Press*, Tomoko Aoki and the team at Quare who will host tonight's event at 21 Folgate Street E1 6BX. All are very welcome to the live performances, art raffle of donated works from artist's from around the world - including a specially designed Bigger Stronger I have created for the event - and much much more that is scheduled between the project space at Quare and The Water Poet pub a few doors down - scroll down for more details - hope to see you all after work!

Press Release

Come, enjoy and celebrate all things Japanese and not-so-Japanese alike! In order to lend a small hand to those who have been affected by the 11 March earthquake in Japan, The Ladies of the Press* (Ana Čavić & Renée O’Drobinak), Tomoko Aoki and Jonathan Velardi, along with a number of Guest Artitsts (final list TBC) will be hosting a hands-on charity arts night packed with an art raffle, a live press desk making and printing zines on site, some baked goodness and a lot of red balloons! Artists, onlookers and friends will all be invited to join in, and even contribute some impromptu artwork. This is a long weekend event, with more events happening on Sunday 3 April – so if not Thursday night, why not pop by on your way to Spitalfields Market?

This show is inspired by one woman’s battle:In southern Miyagi prefecture, near the border to Fukushima, Renée O’Drobinak’s grandmother survived the earthquake and tsunami, with her house miraculously intact despite half the village being destroyed. While providing a temporary shelter for other family members, she has been hanging in there with no water, electricity, gas, and a very limited supply of food, though, the few times worried phonecalls from family in Tokyo reached her, she had wryly mentioned that her nose was a bit sniffly.

All proceeds will be donated to the Japan relief effort via the British Red Cross.

For those of you who cannot attend but would like to join in spirit, please do post a small piece of 2D work to the above address (3D works welcome if you can post/bring it over!) or pop the Ladies of the Press* an email with a submission for the zine at info@ladiesofthepress.org