North Adams Update

Here are few photos from A Lot of Possibilities: North Adams that opened last Thursday night, including some installation shots of my 31 x 9ft vinyl banner, Flamingo Parade that made the four-hour drive from Manhattan to North Adams in Massachusetts State. I actually haven't seen the work yet hung in a large space since it was printed in New York last year, so it's great to see how impressive it looks in both size and presence due to its patterned quality. To learn more about A Lot of Possibilities by its creator, Anna Lise Jensen visit spaceallover.org to see all the contributing artists and projects from the last two years and click here for details of the exhibition at MCLA Gallery 51 which runs until the 27th March.
Flamingo Parade, 2010

Flamingo Parade has been supported by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

A Lot of Possibilities: North Adams
25th February - 27th March 2010
MCLA Gallery 51
375 Church Street
North Adams, MA
01247 USA