Modern Primitives

Unlike the appalling demonstrations that hit London's finest retailers this past weekend, including British institution Fortnum & Mason - their one hundred and fifty year old flagship store on Piccadilly was defaced and occupied by extremist protestors during the Trades Union Congress march all in the name of "freedom of speech" apparently - across the pond, New Yorkers were admiring (as opposed to their assaulting colonisers in arms) the window displays on Fifth Avenue.
Italian luxury goods house, Fendi transformed their window display into a live performance of art and design in collaboration between architects Aranda/Lasch and Fendi's very own leather craftsmen, Ester di Sarno. The luxurious production line of work tables, coloured leather swatches and specialist tools led to diamond-shaped sculptures that were leather-clad and pieced together by the architectural duo and displayed for all to see at the flagship premises. The atelier-cum-gallery offered an insight of the craft of luxury with the high culture of live performance for the passersby.
The project, titled Modern Primitives ironically could have described what was going on across the Atlantic.
Ester di Sarno
Images courtesy of Fendi