SAM & Andy

Love, fear, pleasure, lust, pain, glamour and death may not be the first couple of words that come to mind when you think of Seattle. I know you're all asking yourselves, 'wouldn't Starbucks do?' but Seattle is not all about bad coffee - Seattle Art Museum (SAM) launches the exhibition, love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death, with a selection of Andy Warhol's media works. From film work to photography the show focuses on Warhol's fascination with all things ephemeral; fame, identity and desire, concluding he was a good thirty-years ahead of where our current society stands. Interestingly another exhibition in the adjoining galleries looks at grunge legend, Kurt Cobain, that resonates crudely of Warhol's vision with the short-lived reality of Cobain's celebrated life.
Both love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death and Kurt open today and run to the 6th September 2010 - for further information about the exhibitions at SAM click here.