Like A Leica

Tom Sachs you are a Legend. In an era where your Facebook profile has to embody you, your life and your bank statement in a couple of thousand pixels, it's safe to say image is everything in the digital age. Sachs is notorious for taking iconic symbols from the world of names and brands - Hello Kitty, Chanel and Hermรจs to name a few - and manipulating them into equally recognisable symbols of the everyday such as urinals, chainsaws and guillotines. With the summer upon us and the potential of new profile pictures and albums that will be ripe for posting, Sachs has released the ultimate accessory to take those summer snaps with: Like a Leica (2010) is a hand customised 12 Canon SD780 IS Digital ELPH. The limited edition of twelve digital cameras available from Colette and directly through the artist, are in true Sachs-fashion; paint, marker and stickers cover any traces of the original Canon markings, the camera remains fully operational with a humorous detail of all it's functions listed where one would expect medium and dimension information and with a Tom Sachs signature on every box, what more could you ask for... a real Leica perhaps? Have a great weekend everyone!