A Lot Of Possibilities #2: Update

Here a few installation shots from the exhibition, A Lot Of Possibilities #2 that took place a few weeks ago in New York. As I reported before the exhibit's opening, the work on display has been the result of incredibly hard work over the past year to integrate contemporary art within the context of a community garden in Manhattan. West 104th Street Community Garden was my main source of inspiration for my design, Flamingo Parade (2009-2010) - with the generous support from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and their relative departments, Flamingo Parade has been officially printed onto a gargantuan 31 x 9ft vinyl. While it hangs in splendor at WinterSpace, Anna Lise is working towards finding a suitable exterior wall in the neighbourhood for the vinyl to be installed and enjoyed by the Manhattan Valley community.
Many thanks to everyone for their attendance and support at the launch on the 24th April for all the projects on display. Come back for more photos and information from across the pond soon! If you'd like further information about the work or you'd like to make an appointment to visit Winterspace click here. Have a great weekend everyone!