Tray Chic

With men’s fashion flexing its A-game in recent seasons it was only a matter of time before the inevitable transition from dandy menswear to equally dandy homewares took to the playing field. It’s all well and good looking fly from head to toe but if you don’t know your brogues from your Bauhaus your sprezz-ometer will be found wanting.

Luxury preppy label GANT delves into its Scandi archives to introduce accessories for the home under its younger line GANT Rugger with a collection of serving trays. Yes, trays. Admittedly the words ‘rugger’ and ‘trays’ don’t initially slide off the tongue naturally, however the humble serving tray is one of the most popular Swedish exports and is a staple in the Swede’s design-conscious psyche for both beauty and functionality. Tapping into the leading trend for designerware GANT Rugger has released three individual styles that are more at home with a round of snaps amongst friends rather than half-time orange slices for the team. 
Each tray is handmade from a single sheet of Scandinavian birch wood and features Swedish-inspired imagery that wouldn’t look out of place on a cotton square. The indigo-inspired 'Rope Tray' (above) is a handsome example of bridging runway looks with interior design ready for Springtime house parties. Head over to GANT Rugger to check out the new collection and serve up some chic in your man cave. 

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Images courtesy of GANT