Public Broadcast SOS

The UK is in a grey coma. Manageable at any other time of the year, except in Summer. Oh, and Autumn, and well, I can think of many reputable countries who enjoy a sunny Winter. My Twitter feed is not helping the cause with Spring-love and Sakura-action sprouting from every corner of the northern hemisphere. It's time to take action. I suggest a public broadcast of Pantone 3005 C in all television stores... wait, do they still exist or has iPad killed the cinematic gold of a single-channel television wall on the high street or shopping mall where everyone can watch the end of the world happening on the news?... if they still exist, (irony aside) in cinemas, on a dedicated BBC channel and even the monitors that show your train is delayed: anything to get the country out of this coma. 

Lifesaving Pantone 3005 C

Share, tweet, pin, whatever. Fifty shades of grey was meant to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home, not out in the open air.