Word On The Street

Art institutions have had competition in the last few years and it's come from right outside their doorsteps. Street Art has firmly established itself as an integral part of the art world with the likes of Tate Modern and Sotheby's acknowledging its rise from subculture to high culture; public popularity has lead to its interest being discussed in art world bibles to the broadsheets of newspapers around the world, making this urban art movement as accessible on print as it is on the walls of our public spaces. The publication, Beyond the Street, offers a comprehensive insight into the unknown with interviews from one hundred key street artists with an interesting perspective from the commercial outlets, such as The Wooster Collective, that have supported the development of urban art as well as from international collectors. Artist illustrations and photographs document the assurgent movement that provides a rare glimpse into this usually undercover practice. 'Beyond the Street' is available from this week through publishing agency, Gestalten.

Deitch Projects, which features in the book, has played an important role as a canvas for artists such as Keith Haring and Os GĂȘmeos with their public art work. This weekend sees the opening of Shepard Fairey's May Day exhibition that will feature an installation on the Deitch wall on Bowery and Houston Street. The exhibition continues in the gallery space on Wooster Street that plays on the definitions that 'May Day' has evolved to represent, commenting on current economic and political climates. Check out Fairey's thoughts on the installation and his practice (if currently probational) thanks to New York Magazine.
May Day opens May 1st - May 29th 2010 at Deitch Projects,
18 Wooster Street, New York City.