The Future Is Bright

Without jinxing it, the weather in England has been surprisingly Spring like recently, and being the weather-obsessed nation that we are, let's face it, we're already talking about what the Summer has in store for us. But if our island is struck with another sun-free summer, then we can be assured that across La Manche the French have it sorted, and thanks to the delivery of Le Monde D'Hermès Printemps - Été 2010 catalogue I received today, the future is definitely looking orange. The House of Hermès does not disappoint with their seasonal issues, inviting us to play in a series of effortless illustrations for spring and summer. The cover features a pêle-mêle cavalry of horses and riders created by French author and illustrator Philippe Dumas who has had a long working relationship with the House.
The issue also allows us to enter the much guarded world of the House's Design Director, Leïla Menchari, famed for her magical masterpieces for the window displays at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honore and around the globe. Hermès has always allowed a carte-blanche policy when it comes to Menchari's couture visions, which have seen collaborations with some of France's most skilled craftsmen as well as international artists. Menchari's work can be seen in the windows at all Hermès boutiques and you can pay a visit to Le Monde D'Hermès here - and I guarantee you, there won't be a lobster-toned body in sight! Bon voyage mes amis...