See The Light

Milan Design Week launches today and I wanted to share the exciting event, Foscarini Inside, brought to you by the design studio Foscarini. In association with Superstudio Più, the Italian design house has collaborated with designer, Vicente Garcia Jimenez to create a light tunnel that features a mesmeric video installation by Massimo Gardone and Fabio Bressan, aided by a soundtrack from Francesco Morosini. I could watch this video all day and only imagine the sort of interactive experience visitors would encounter, while wondering how and where all the projectors are placed to produce such a fantastic installation. Bridging art with design through absolute creativity is what Milan Design Week is all about, bringing a little bit of Heaven on Earth to us mere mortals: if there's light actually in the tunnel, then I want to know what's at the end of it...

Foscarini Inside is at Superstudio Più, 27 via Tortona, Milan from the
14th - 19th April 2010