Going Down On Market And Washington

Following my previous post on billboards in L.A. I couldn't help but share this news-worthy item going down in Newark, New Jersey. The billboard in question - on the corner of Market and Washinton streets - is for rapper T.I.'s clothing line, Akoo Jeans, and the campaign has been the cause of much furore with its depiction of a woman's head held against a man's low-hanging, unbuttoned jeans. The city's Mayor Booker has even expressed his concerns with the sexy campaign, wanting to distance the city from the controversial image to avoid damaging public perception, reigniting the equally controversial issue of low-rise jeans popular with American urban youth-culture. The power of the billboard is back and publicity like this is priceless. But to truly appreciate this story, I'm going to leave you with Carolina Leid from ABC7 Eyewitness News to give you a heads up.