Kenneth Anger - Beverly Dr, north of Pico Blvd
How Many Billboards? Art In Stead launched over the weekend in Los Angeles in association with The MAK Center for Art and Architecture. This exciting project sees 21 commissioned works by leading contemporary artists to be displayed on billboards throughout the city. Billboard-culture plays an important part of L.A.'s character and dominates the urban landscape - Director, Kimberli Meyer believes the injection of contemporary art from the likes of Kenneth Anger and Martha Rosler will gain, "... a momentarily broad audience, and city dwellers are extended a daily invitation to reflect and contemplate", in contrast to the commercial speech that usually fills the urban skies. Projects like this make me very excited and hopefully a similar vision will be adopted by British institutions and hit London soon.
Click here to view a city map for locations of the works as well as information of bus tours that will run throughout the month.
Kori Newkirk - Wilshire Blvd, west of Hoover St