Wild Life & Wild Things

Last week I was in Ireland - Cork to be precise - and my visit exceeded all expectations. More details to come from Cork later so for now I wanted to share what I do every time I find myself in a new city catching up with an old friend - get stuck in! And by that I mean hit the local Arts House Cinema and relax... so this is exactly what I did in the luxury of the Kino on Washington Street making myself quite at home with the aroma of coffee in the air and my mug of tea.
Fish Tank, directed by Andrea Arnold, won the Jury Prize at Cannes Film festival this year steering it away from the stereotype of another 'council estate drama' movie. Following the life of fifteen-year-old Mia, played by debutant Katie Jarvis, you are immersed in the pride and rawness of a broken Britain in Essex fuelled by aspiration through the female eyes of a father-less family. Music and television play an important parallel throughout the film - Mia is an aspiring dancer and her little sister thrives on the frivolous parties of spoilt rich kids on the MTV hit show, My Super Sweet Sixteen. Also starring is Irish actor, Michael Fassbender who plays both a love interest for Mia's mother as well as a father figure for the family in the role of Connor. But Connor's own troubles come into play causing a furore of anger and genuine emotion that thwarts any ideas of hope that were built up before. The finale is remarkable yet honest and with this honesty brings the reality that no matter what your background, class or gender may be, we all live in fish tank trying to survive and wanting more from life.

Don't forget the launch of Where The Wild Things Are in the UK on December 11th! Directed by Spike Jonze and adapted from Maurice Sendak's 1963 illustrative children's book I love everything from the film's typography to the cult-status and design collaborations that have been released in homage to Max's wolf costume! As for Jonze, what's not to like from a guy whose work includes music videos, commercials, television and film? I missed the launch in October when I was in New York so I can't wait for the release here... reviews in the UK have been critical, but this is from a country who is enamoured by a plasticine baker... I know what cult I would want to follow.