Something New Something Blue

On the eve of what has been an annus horribilis for many, the year 2010 already carries the weight of much anticipation of hope and change on all fronts of society. In Britain the new year will shine a light on the political stage, bringing a well over due general election that will hopefully see the falsely aspirational Labour government lose its 12-year hold on a country which is in War, can claim to have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe, pays criminals five-thousand pounds to set themselves up in another country and has tax payers paying for politicians to watch adult entertainment. If this is 'Cool Britannia' then I'm out... and so is the rest of Britain who is need of stability and genuine leadership. In politics actions speak louder than words and if a government still persists to blame the work of its predecessor - 12 years on - then I hope the British public see the defects the Labour Party have subjected them to with an all-talk-no-action policy. Celebrate the new year with a political mind - maybe with a Conservative Party Diary... or perhaps a one-way ticket back to Scotland for Mr. Brown? Whatever you do, don't see Red in 2010, see Blue.