Life Is A Cabaret Old Chum

I saw in the new year with some pure talent thanks to the acrobatic acts from Cirque Du Soleil's production of OVO in San Francisco. I've wanted to see a Cirque show for years and OVO was my first - themed around the world of insects, everything from the clowns, trapeze artists and spectacular set changes of ant hills, forests and caves were surreal. Cirque's success has been to integrate a more intimate cabaret-style when entertaining theatre-scale audiences and when acrobats such as the Papillons perform a Spanish Web Duo metres above your head, you feel a thrill that lifts you up off your seat... just maybe not as high as the professionals with no harness attached! OVO runs until the end of the month in San Francisco and continues to tour America throughout the year. But if you don't make the leap over the pond, then be entertained by Varekai that launched last week at The Royal Albert Hall, London. For further information on the world of Cirque click here. Bonne Année tout le monde!