Pulp Fiction

Daily #17, 2011
Seek refuge from the recent deluge that is British Spring time in Sprüth Magers London outpost this month and be amazed at the new series of work by German artist, Thomas Demand. Using the simple materials of paper and card, Demand reproduces familiar environments and settings in extraordinary detail and depth - in The Dailies these everyday scenarios are photographed, recording their deliberate flaws where a corner edge has not been glued down flat or a join is not abutted as it would normally be. The minimal arrangements scrutinise and magnify the beauty of both the artist’s practice as well as that of the everyday – authenticity and artifice are challenged and the rare technique of dye transfer printing, which Demand employs in this series giving a thick and saturated print surface, only affirms these themes to produce an image almost suspended in time and isolated in the world that it was inspired by.
 Daily #7, 2008
The Dailies is simultaneously being exhibited at the 25th Kaldor Public Art Project, Sydney Australia.

The Dailies
14th April – 19th May 2012
Sprüth Magers
7A Grafton Street
London W1S 4EJ

Images courtesy of Sprüth Magers Berlin London