New Look

New week, new look. I'm currently busy working on setting up a new platform for all my practices and the first to get a fresh new logo is my beloved blog. Many of you will remember my post last August that launched the #highlife and #lowlife hashtags to encompass my own personal interests of art, culture and lifestyle that are presented through my online activity. 
Between The Lines - at the private opening of Michael Craig-Martin's 
graphic Pop sensibility on the New Art Centre estate, Salisbury

Many people ask me what it all means and I always reply that it can mean whatever you want it to mean - what I find interesting are the boundaries of high brow and low culture that are increasingly crossing over in the creative realm and I hope the hashtags will be used beyond their face value assumptions and stereotype of high and low culture. From art and design to lifestyle and taste, I hope the use of the hashtags on my own posts as well as my follower's social media activity will produce a record of views attributed to creative collaboration from around the world and the balancing act between exclusivity and the wealth of association that comes with it with popular consumer demand fuelled by profitable aspiration.
What's French for "Edgy"? - banlieue graffiti artist Kongo brings street style to 
French luxury house Hermès AW11 carré collection

I'm very interested in this concept of balance and the evolving interpretation of collaboration and expression and I intend to document high- and low- perception and the value of taste within twenty-first century society. I have interpreted this idea into my new blog logo as well as creating a couple of seesaw designs (below) that express this investigation, which I hope you will enjoy...
Get in touch and tell me what you think - you know the score, join me @JMVELARDI for the #highlife and #lowlife of the everyday...