Something Old Something New

With the eyes of the world transfixed on London with less than twenty-four hours away from the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Royal Fever has firmly turned into Royal hysteria on the streets of the city and through the lenses of the teams of international media that is being broadcast around the globe. To commemorate the event, which is said to mark the beginning of a new generation for the British Monarchy, I have designed my very own something old into something new in tribute to the newlyweds. Inspired by British youth culture, Bigger Better has been exhibited in the luxurious environment of London's Selfridges to the urban elements of Sheffield, and has now been given the Royal touch with the names of 'William' and 'Catherine' entwined in Creole formation set in red, white and blue splendour of majestic purple.
To view a larger image of William Catherine visit my website here - for further enquiries about this work or information about previous examples of my practice please contact me at jmvelardi@yahoo.co.uk
All images are registered to the artist ⓒ JMVELARDI 2011
Follow tomorrow's Royal Wedding with the Official Programme that will be for sale from Explorer Scouts and Cadets in West London with profits benefitting The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry or is also available for download from officialwedding2011.org - enjoy the celebrations everyone and have a great long weekend!