Paint The Town Yellow

This week inspiration reference Cool Hunting documents my champagne du gout - Veuve Clicquot - with their domination at Milan Design Week this month. With a series of Pop-up shops and showrooms, partnerships with hotels, lounges and bars and even a campaign on Milan's trams it was impossible for any Milanese to miss Veuve's aptly named Yellow Project that featured across the city's hotspots.
Clicq'd Up, Mathias van de Walle
The vraiment triomphe however, was the collaboration with Belgian designer Mathias van de Walle and his incredible and utilitarian champagne bucket, Clicq'd Up, that was very much in keeping with the company's mobile campaign. Inspired by origami structure, the bucket transform from pack flat to ice-to-go - perfect for every eventuality when one needs champers on the move.
Click here for more details on the various Yellow Projects at Milan Design Week 2011 here.