Two Scoops Of Talent

Summertime is hot in the concrete jungle but New Yorkers need fret not for the artist duo Smith & Lowles are offering up some sweet treats for you to sink your eyes into. George Smith and Amy Lowles met whilst at The Slade School of Fine Art - a year above me, they were an inspiration respectively with their visions of larger than life film sets and effortless ease at creating mystical scenes from objects of the everyday through a camera lens. Having tasted the infinite opportunities New York had to offer when they were both awarded a place at Cooper Union School of Art in the East Village for a semester in 2004, it was only a matter of time that as soon as they had graduated from The Slade, New York was calling them back. Four years later, London has greatly missed out on the talented collaboration that is Smith & Lowles who now live and work in Brooklyn. When I was stateside for a couple of months last year we had such a great time and you never know what to expect - their studio was a toxic tropical installation of all things Americana and for the last few months snippets of bizarre details all make sense with the launch of their latest video, Knickerbocker Glory (2010). I can relate with their outsider-looking-in approach towards America in their practice, and at a time when change, however slow, is bracing the weird and wonderful U.S. of A., Georgie and Amy are, as ever, on the pulse. Well done my friends! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to The World of Smith and Lowles.
Knickerbocker Glory, 2010 - video still