A Toast To Pop

With his paintings of celebrities and icons of the Sixties, Andy Warhol created a buzz around him at his creative headquarters The Factory in Midtown, Manhattan and with any buzz there has to be bubbly. So it comes as no surprise that the world's most prestigious Champagne has decided to honour Warhol with a series of limited edition bottles in a series of colourways that befits the artist's painting palette as I'm sure it would his taste palette were he alive today. Dom Pérignon is not foreign to creative collaborations in recent years - Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Newson have worked with the notorious Champagne house on a number of designs that have explored the brand's simple, yet iconic, bottle and label. 
Dom Pérignon brilliantly toasts the artist who has made Popular Culture what it is today. Leave the cans of Campbells at home and raise your glass in style... Salute!