Yellow Pages

Right. It's been more than a week since my last post and I promise there's a valid reason - I'm involved in a group exhibition opening in March - more on this next week - and this has resulted in being in a computer-coma for the past two weeks. But I'm back and I really want to share Ana and Renée's domination as The Ladies of the Press* at Testing Grounds last weekend at South Street, Reading. The night was as eclectic as it was electric (the mobile press desk has to run somehow) and I was made an honorary Gentleman of the Press*, being put to work on fringing the incredible Live Press publication, that featured interviews and extracts with all the artists involved on the night. The edition took a grid framework with a special insert of a page from the yellow pages, thanks to the eccentric performance from Theodor Di Ricco, who lives, works and wears exclusively yellow. My contribution was a pair of doodle-inspired 'skins' which added decorative insertions to the three hours of pure performative publication.
It was a spectacle to watch these pages come alive and I encourage anyone to visit a Ladies of the Press* event - this may be made easier now that they are officially on tour and will be gracing their press-panache across the UK as well as Europe in the coming months. Visit their blog for dates and further information.
Thank you Ladies for a fantastic day! Here a some of their photos of the press desk in action...