Euro Trip

This week Barcelona plays host to The Influencers at the Centre of Contemporary Culture. In its sixth year, a series of events incorporating art, guerilla communication and radical entertainment, explore the potential of non conventional communication in contemporary society. This year the festival focuses on themes such as consumerism with a three-day workshop on bicycle customisation. For more information about the workshops and screenings visit The Influencers website.
Wall Drawing #546 and Wall Drawing #386
While in Milan, head to Massimo De Carlo to view the monochrome-monopolisation, Sol Lewitt Presented By Rudolf Stingel. Five wall drawings fill the space of this impressive Milanese commercial gallery which is due to grace the British Isles with a permanent space on Dover Street, London later this year. So for now, if you can't make it over to Milan before March, click here to visit a special dedication to 'Team Sol Lewitt' installing the show. Incredibile!