All Hail Wes Anderson

Yesterday I went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox in all of its stop-motion glory. This Roald Dahl classic has always been one of my favourites and anyone who knows me knows my obsession with anything-Anderson. The trademarks are all here: the old-school soundtrack, the kooky costumes and details such as the acorn pattern wallpaper transport you to the unique World of Anderson. If you're as obsessed with this world as I am check out The Scout's tour of the The Royal Tenenbaums set locations in New York. I'm trying really hard here not to use the adjective fantastic but I can't help it - every strand of fur moves in the wind - this is the definition of meticulous! The voice overs are a mix of new and old Anderson-regulars... (Angelica Huston I missed you). I think no one was better suited to celebrate Dahl's magical vision than through Anderson's eyes - it is... fantastic!