East Coast Recap: Art Edition

Whenever I hit New York, SoHo is one of my first stops. I don't know what it is - maybe it's something in the air, but it always sets the vibe for the rest of my stay - Deitch Projects is always my first Art stop and this time it did not disappoint. Grand Street hosts works by Kurt Kauper with his portraits of America's number one family, the Obamas. These share the space with neon-grotesque paintings and photographs by Francine Spiegel. But it was HERE AND NOW/AND NOWHERE at Wooster Street that got me in the mood. Artist, Tauba Aurebach's mixed media installation explores themes of conflicting states such as randomness and predictability, the present and the past. I was attracted to the crumpled paintings series - large raw canvases, folded and painted subtlety (Untitled Fold Painting V, below) the result was what looked like a magnified alligator skin from afar. Aurebach invited you to walk back and forth and up close to all the works on display, yet as in some cases, the magic was not lost in either 'states'.

The month of October is important in the retail industry, tis' the season of holidays and we all know what that means: buying. But with times a' crunching new ways of making a buck is the name of the game and the creative Art world is no art-school-dropout. The new residents of 988 Madison Avenue is none other than Gagosian from Gagosian Gallery. Offering limited edition products such as books, prints, bone china Superstition plates by Hirst to Tom Sach's version of the Herm├Ęs Kelly Bag, the store is a feast of collectible cool. The basement is installed with Hirst's butterfly wallpaper on the walls, as well as his trademark dot paintings, Cathedral prints and several skull knock-offs. All of which can be purchased at the check out desk...