Soho Journal Launch

A new quarterly magazine hits the streets of London and I’m very happy to announce my involvement in the inaugural issue that launched earlier this week in the capital. Soho Journal is a well curated lifestyle publication that will feature people, business and editorial articles focused in and around the area of Soho.
Issue 1 covers a range of character profiles and destination reviews in the famed hedonistic quarter and includes my business profile on the Photographers’ Gallery, devoted to its namesake medium for over four decades. From its founding in 1971 in Covent Garden to embedding itself in the ‘world’s most creative square mile’, according to the gallery’s Director, Brett Rogers, OBE, with its ambitious relocation in 2012 on Ramillies Street, I also investigate the art world’s return to the West End with a host of native and international commercial galleries favouring an address in the area over one in the now-gentrified East End.
Read an online preview of my article here or grab a copy of Soho Journal - featuring bespoke tailor and cover boy Mark Powell - for free in a number of hotels, galleries, coffee shops, eateries and retail locations in the W1 area.

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Image courtesy of Kirk Truman