Jonathan Velardi Dot Com

After much tweaking here, there and everywhere; agonising over alignment to the nearest pixel (I kid you not) and surpassing limits of obsessive compulsion that even I had previously been unaware of, my journey through the (literally) unspoken land of HTML bares the conclusion of the last phase of mission-relaunch at jonathanvelardi.com
Having introduced the first phase of redesign last year with a single homepage to access all my online activity, jonathanvelardi.com now offers all strands of my creative output to explore, bookmark and share with three distinctive 'V' identities. This final phase sees the launch of my dedicated writing site on Arts, Culture & Lifestyle with a curated selection of posts and articles that have been featured in online publications. Sample Portfolios are available to download and will be regularly updated with the latest reports on global creative activity.

In addition, my Contemporary Art site has had a fresh lick of pixels and the commercial arm of my practice under Studio Velardi now includes products and projects that have been developed and are evolving since its launch in 2012. Follow Studio Velardi on Twitter and Tumblr and help us celebrate our 1st Birthday in a few months time!

Last but by no means least, Pinterest joins @JMVELARDI and this very blog to cover high and low culture with the #highlife and #lowlife in glorious word and image. I hope you enjoy the new sites and I would love to hear what you think – get in touch #culturecomrades...