Wrap Party

With a little over a week to go to the celebrations of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee that will kick off next weekend in what is being called The Central Weekend, the countdown to quintessential 'made in Britain', that is pomp and circumstance, has officially begun. 
With a plethora of exhibitions, events, interactive sites and digital apps, this Diamond Jubilee is a very twenty-first century affair where past and present shall be beamed across the globe in high gilded resolution. More on the nation's best Jubilee-to-dos next week, but for now, in the run up to the festivities in London and the extraordinary sight that will be the Thames Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, Sea Containers House on the South Bank has been given a right-royal-British-billboard this morning in the shape of a 100 x 70 metre wrap depicting the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the Silver Jubilee in 1977 and is the largest image of its kind to ever be erected (from left, HRH Prince of Wales, HRH Prince Edward, HRH Prince Andrew, Lord Mountbatten, HM The Queen, HRH Duke of Edinburgh, Captain Mark Phillips and HRH Princess Anne) 
Visit the official Diamond Jubilee website for more information about events near you and across the country.