Royal Roundup Weekend

Royal Box, Epsom Derby 1991
It can only mean one thing when the Saturday papers are replaced with the Racing Post - and wallets - at the breakfast table in early June - it's the Epsom Derby. This iconic sporting event held at Epsom Downs epitomises the beginning of the summer season in both sporting and social calendars for all classes and will be made more prestigious should, as the British Press fervently reports, Her Majesty The Queen win her first Derby winner in her reign with her runner, Carlton House. All eyes will be on the Queen's horse at today's big race at 16:00 - carrying the Royal silks of purple, gold and scarlet - a win for the Royal Stud will be the fairytale ending for Crown and Country in The Sport of Kings that is said to be the Queen's passion in life. Watch The Derby live on the BBC here.

Carlton House
This week also saw Camilla, Duchess of Rothesay (titled when in Scotland) paying a visit to the artist studios for the Elephant Family, also supported by the Prince of Wales, in Edinburgh. The Duchess viewed several animals by local artists who are participating in this year's Jungle City event which I have contributed to with my own design Tribal Tigris - Urban Jungle, May 2011 - while touring Dovecot Studios on Wednesday. Visit the official Jungle City website for updates on events and sponsors in Edinburgh this summer.

"This remarkable initiative aims to help alleviate the crisis facing so many species on our planet today... Your generous support of Elephant Family and Jungle City in Edinburgh will quite simply make all the difference so I can only urge you to support this innovative campaign in any way you can."
HRH The Prince of Wales