Hot Wheels

Recently my subconscious must be craving for the ecstasy that is Pop Art - maybe it's the weather here in England (as it always is) or the fact my life has taken a bit of curveball these past couple weeks - either way I figure I might as well go with the flow and show you these cruise-worthy wheel covers by spin maestro Damien Hirst. Ironically the term 'spinner' already exists in the customised automobile world made popular over the last seven years by American rappers and celebrities. Hirst offers his own take on the spinner with a bespoke wheel cover wrapped with his famous spin painting design that now features on everything from jeans to skulls that probably caters for precisely those rappers and celebrities. It's guaranteed you won't find these on the long list of added extras from the accessories list at your car dealership so if you're thinking of injecting your Range Rover with a splash of colour or have your Rolls portray your art world bravado as you rock up to a private view, then contact Other Criteria for enquires about these bespoke beauties.