Ladies, Camera, Action?

Pumped from their performance Magic Moments in New York City over Christmas, the Ladies of the Press* are back with their first event in 2011 tomorrow night. The medium of live streaming and television is on the cards for the exhibition, Testing Ground | Time Scale, which launches in collaboration with the MA Curating Contemporary Art programmes at the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths College and part of the Zabludowicz Collection's annual Testing Ground event for art and education. With the Press Desk taking a breather, Renée performing from her home turf in Tokyo and Ana here in London, the LOTP*CHANNEL will be breaking news over continents in their respective guises of Japanese and Serbian news reporters. Substituting glitter with pixels, this will be the only news you'll want to watch this weekend. Ana & Renée, over to you in the studio...
Ana & Renée go live in 2011!
Testing Ground | Time Scale opens Friday 28th January between 6-10pm with LOTP*CHANNEL streaming live from 8.15pm at the Zabludowicz Collection, 176 Prince of Wales, London NW5. Click here for further information about the weekend programme of events and tune into Ana & Renée from the LOTP* website.